Suotana 2023 CD - Ounas I (Limited Digipak)

  • Cat No: REAPER059DP

Year: 17.03.2023
EAN: 4251981703060
Media type: CD

Label: Reaper Entertainment
Genre: Melodic Black/Death Metal


1. Lake Ounas (The Beginning) 02:40  
2. Through the Mammoth Valley 04:13  
3. The Ancient 06:50  
4. Legacy 08:07  
5. River Ounas 13:15  
6. Land of the Dead (Summoning cover) 06:15  


Ville Rautio Guitars
Pasi Portaankorva Guitars
Rauli Juopperi Drums
Tommi Neitola Keyboards
Tuomo Marttinen Vocals
Rauli Alaruikka Bass
28,00 BGN
Price:28,00 BGN
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