Cradle Of Filth 1998 CD - Cruelty And The Beast: Re-Mistressed (Remastered And Remixed 2019)

  • Kat-Nr: 19075880882

Year: 01.11.2019
EAN: 0190758808826
Media type: CD

Label: Music For Nations/Sony Music
Genre: Symphonic Black/Extreme Gothic Metal


1. Once upon Atrocity 01:43  
2. Thirteen Autumns and a Widow 07:14  
3. Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids 07:18  
4. Beneath the Howling Stars 07:42  
5. Venus in Fear 02:20  
6. Desire in Violent Overture 04:16  
7. The Twisted Nails of Faith 06:50  
8. Bathory Aria (I: Benighted Like Usher / II: A Murder of Ravens in Fugue / III: Eyes That Witnessed Madness) 11:02  
9. Portrait of the Dead Countess 02:52  
10. Lustmord and Wargasm (The Lick of Carnivorous Winds) 07:30  
11. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden cover) 07:10  


Dani Filth Vocals
Nicholas Drums
Robin Graves Bass
Stuart Guitars
Lecter Keyboards
Gian Guitars
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