Iotunn 2021 CD - Access All Worlds (Limited Digipak)

  • Kat-Nr: 3984-15742-0

Year: 26.02.2021
EAN: 039841574203
Media type: CD

Label: Metal Blade
Genre: Melodic Death/Progressive Metal


1. Voyage of the Garganey I 07:25  
2. Access All Worlds 11:36  
3. Laihem's Golden Pits 04:40  
4. Waves Below 10:10  
5. The Tower of Cosmic Nihility 07:30  
6. The Weaver System 06:33  
7. Safe Across the Endless Night 13:47  


Bjørn Wind Andersen Drums
Jón Aldará Vocals
Jesper Gräs Guitars
Eskil Rask Bass
Jens Nicolai Gräs Guitars
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