Orden Ogan 2021 CD+DVD - Final Days (LImited Edition Digipak)

  • Кат. номер: AFM 729-9

Year: 12.03.2021
Media type: CD

Label: AFM Records
Genre: Heavy/Power Metal

Tracklist CD:

1. Heart Of The Android
2. In The Dawn Of The AI
3. Inferno
4. Let The Fire Rain
5. Interstellar (Feat. Gus G.)
6. Alone In The Dark (Feat. Ylva Eriksson)
7. Black Hole
8. Absolution For Our Final Days
9. Hollow
10. It Is Over

Bonus DVD:

1. Orden Ogan (Live)
2. F.E.V.E.R. (Live)
3. Here At The End Of The World (Live)
4. Fields Of Sorrow (Live)
5. Deaf Among The Blind (Live)
6. Sorrow Is Your Tale (Live)
7. The Lord Of The Flies (Live)
8. We Are Pirates (Live)
9. Come With Me To The Other Side / Forlorn And Forsaken (Live)
10. To New Shores Of Sadness (Live)
11. Gunman (Live),
12. The Things We Believe In (Live)


Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann Vocals (choirs), Vocals, Keyboards
Dirk Meyer-Berhorn Drums
Patrick Sperling Guitars
Niels Löffler Guitars
Steven Wussow Bass
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