Wizardthrone 2021 CD - Hypercube Necrodimensions (Limited Digipak)

  • Кат. номер: NPR 1010 DP

Year: 16.07.2021
EAN: 840588116225
Media type: CD

Label: Napalm Records
Genre: Symphonic Melodic Death Metal


1. Black Hole Quantum Thermodynamics 03:06  
2. Frozen Winds of Thyraxia 05:33  
3. Incantation of the Red Order 05:03  
4. Forbidden Equations Deep Within the Epimethean Wasteland 04:57  
5. The Coalescence of Nine Stars in the System Once Known as Markarian-231 04:30  
6. Of Tesseractual Gateways and the Grand Duplicity of Xhul 05:29  
7. Hypercube Necrodimensions 02:53  
8. Beyond the Wizardthrone (Cryptopharmalogical Revelations of the Riemann Zeta Function) 13:12  


E. Wizardthrone Brown Drums
M. Archistrategos Barber Guitars
M. Xaviculus Bell Guitars
C. Hyperiax Bowes Keyboards
V. Morbistopheles Jones Vocals, Bass
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