Ayreon 2020 2CD - Transitus (Limited Digisleeve)

  • Кат. номер: MTR76232

Year: 25.09.2020
EAN: 810020502268
Media type: CD

Label: Music Theories Recordings
Genre: Progressive Metal/Rock


Disc 1
1. Fatum Horrificum (Graveyard / 1884 / Daniel and Abby / Fatum / Why?! / Guilty) 10:24  
2. Daniel's Descent into Transitus 02:41  
3. Listen to My Story 04:03  
4. Two Worlds Now One 04:06  
5. Talk of the Town 05:21  
6. Old Friend 01:41  
7. Dumb Piece of Rock 04:13  
8. Get Out! Now! 05:05  
9. Seven Days, Seven Nights 01:27  
Disc 2
1. Condemned Without a Trial 03:50  
2. Daniel's Funeral 04:58  
3. Hopelessly Slipping Away 04:28  
4. This Human Equation 04:20  
5. Henry's Plot 02:19  
6. Message from Beyond 05:21  
7. Daniel's Vision 01:45  
8. She Is Innocent 02:10  
9. Lavinia's Confession 01:53  
10. Inferno 02:17  
11. Your Story Is Over! 02:42  
12. Abby in Transitus 03:02  
13. The Great Beyond 02:49  


Arjen Anthony Lucassen Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Tommy Karevik Vocals [as Daniel]
Cammie Gilbert Vocals [as Abby]
Amanda Somerville Vocals [as Lavinia]
Dee Snider Vocals [as The Father]
Marcela Bovio Vocals [as Fury, Servant, Villager]
Simone Simons Vocals [as The Angel of Death]
Johanne James Vocals [as Abraham]
Michael Mills Vocals [as The Statue]
Joost van den Broek Hammond organ, Piano
Ben Mathot Violin
Jeroen Goossens Wind instruments
Paul Manzi Vocals [as Henry]
Jurriaan Westerveld Cello
Alex Thyssen Horn
Joe Satriani Guitars (lead)
Marty Friedman Guitars (lead)
Jan Willem Ketelaers Vocals (additional) [as Villager]
Wilmer Waarbroek Vocals (additional) [as Villager]
Will Shaw Vocals (additional) [as Villager]
Marjan Welman Vocals (additional) [as Villager]
Lisette van den Berg Vocals (additional) [as Villager]
Tom Baker Vocals (additional) [as The Storyteller]
Patty Gurdy Hurdy gurdy
Hellscore Vocals (choirs)
Dianne van Giersbergen Vocals (soprano)
Thomas Cochrane Trumpet, Trombone
Caroline Westendorp Vocals [as Fury, Servant, Villager]
Juan van Emmerloot Drums
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